The Goodness of the Morning

IMG_4629 copy.jpg

Practicing with my big camera’s timer    #nostaginghere


I am planning to attempt Ali Edward’s Week in the Life project this May.  For one week, she carries her camera around everywhere, snapping away at everything from the carpool line to the grocery store.  Then the next week, she puts words and stories to all the photos and one week out of a year is captured in time.

While I am nervous about all the pushback I will hear from my family as I carry my camera everywhere and take even more pictures than I normally do, I am really excited because this is the STUFF I love.

The daily mundane is what I have always been interested in.  I don’t really know why?  Adam and a friend of mine used to joke that I enjoyed the “goodness of the morning.”  I think he meant, “as opposed to just checking things off the list quickly and efficiently.”  I do know I have always been curious about people.  A friend once told me my passion was people!  That was news to me!  I will say that after dropping the kids at school on winter mornings, driving past houses all lit up inside before the sun has really risen has always intrigued me.  Do they drink coffee?  How do they prepare it?  Drip coffee maker, auto-set the night before ?  French press?  Cream, sugar?  Are they reading the newspaper or watching the Today show?  What do they like to eat for breakfast?  Or what do they actually end up having for breakfast?  Is their morning routine calm and quiet?  Or rushed, frantic, and loud?   We see people once they are out the door, in the world, but how do they do it?  What is their process? Do they feel excited to greet the day or do they want to stay inside?  And if so, what do they tell themselves to move forward?

Similarly, when I take walks on summer evenings, I love walking past neighbors’ homes, wondering what they’re cooking or grilling for dinner and it makes me smile when I get a whif of their fresh-smelling dryer sheets in the laundry.

I want every home to be loving, supportive, secure, and stable.

So what does my morning usually look like?  Truth be told, when I get up, Davis is usually already dressed and downstairs and Mary Fowler is already awake and starting her morning routine.  I usually come downstairs with both dogs and let them outside first thing.  Lately, I just pour a cup of coffee (from the previous day pot), add almond milk and warm it up in the microwave:( before adding 2 Truvia packets.  I do this because I want a cup of warm goodness immediately while I pack lunches.  But I don’t love the taste of almond milk so sometimes it’s a nice surprise when the almond milk is gone and I get to use the regular milk:)  Later I (or Adam) will brew a fresh pot.  I usually have one more cup.  He usually takes a travel cup to go.

I used to watch the Today show but I honestly don’t want Davis seeing most of the early 7am top stories- it’s a sampling of all the crazy-bad stuff going on in the world.  Not appropriate for a 9 year old, much less me!  I worry about people so I really shouldn’t watch that kind of stuff, either.  Why can’t we all just be kind and get along?!?  I pray a lot for that.

For the past couple of weeks, the kids have wanted bagels and cream cheese for breakfast;  Then we’re off to school!  When I get home, Adam and I usually split an omelette that he makes:)

So… How do you take your coffee?


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