This morning my tennis clinic was pushed back an hour.  So what do I do with an unexpected free hour?  I knew I should do some exercise- I just read an article that said interval exercise is better than moderate exercise (my usual is walking outdoors or yoga).   Well, first I got on the treadmill for a whopping 15 minutes walk/jog (oh how I hate it) but then I was over that idea so I treated myself to Ali Edwards‘ latest blog posts.

She is so inspirational to me for so many reasons.

  1. I love her photos + words philosophy- it is my passion
  2. I love her honesty
  3. I love how she does “life- perfectly imperfect”
  4. I really love how she parents.  I can tell she lets her kids and step-kids be themselves.  Another passion of mine.
  5. I love how she creates such thought-provoking journaling prompts
  6. I love how she creates such fascinating scrapbooking projects!

One of these projects is called A Week in the Life.  It involves documenting the everyday, mundane pretty intensely for one week.  7 days.

from 2016

These photos and words are something I would treasure if my mom had done this during our childhood.  Last year I participated by taking the photos and then I started (but did not finish) placing the photos and words into her templates via photoshop.

from 2016

At the time I did not think my pictures were pretty and I did not think my words were profound.  Additionally, I started losing interest/attention thinking about layouts and how I wanted things to look.  I completed and printed Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

However, now that I am looking over these pages for the first time in a year, I am so happy to have them!  They really are perfectly imperfect.  This weekend my goal is to complete last year’s Thursday-Sunday.

This year I would like to try again, knowing my sticking points and hoping maybe I can simplify and actually get it done.

My plan is to follow what she did this time around.

  • Daily taking photos
  • Typing up the words the following day
  • Then cutting and pasting the words along with photos onto the final documents
  • Sending to printer and slapping in an album

I am nervous just writing these intentions, but I really do love and believe in this project so I’m going to attempt before school lets out.  I might even try to start Monday.  Gah!

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