Monday ~ Week in the Life 2017

My plan for starting Ali Edward’s Week in the Life 2017 got thwarted last week.  It turned out to be a really important week in our life but there was no way I could pull it off.  So this morning after my tennis clinic, it was such a gorgeous day that I took the dogs for a walk.

As I walked, I thought why not this week?  This morning was kind of rushed so the last thing on my mind was taking a million photos but I can start now- at 10:30am.  Really trying to roll with it and just capture something!  As I look through last year’s photos they are FAR from perfect but I love that all these little things were captured.

My hope is that I will live life, take more photos than feels comfortable, and at night write words here so that the hard part is over by Sunday 🙂

Goals: take more photos of OBJECTS, use my big camera, and write words at night.


The weather felt like heaven!  It was just glorious with hardly a cloud in the bright blue sky.


This is one of Davis’s many creations.  Maybe a light saber?  He loves to modify things and I love his creativity.


Treats left over from Grandma Debbie’s visit over the weekend.  Oreos, Twizzlers, Pringles, and Reese cups… Have mercy.


Most days I pick up Davis’s discarded socks.  He gets it from me. I leave my shoes by every door in the house.

IMG_8823 2.jpg

I was disappointed when Grandma Debbie had no desire to answer any of the journaling questions.  Kids want to know their parents but it’s just harder for some.


I was clipping some coupons and laughed out loud when I saw this ad for “The perfect Mother’s Day gift”?!?!?  Seriously?!?  No joke both of my children mentioned buying it for me for Christmas.  Haha

Then it was time to order my groceries with Kroger Click List- I love it!!  I order them and then pick them up at the reserved time.  Life changing!


Last Friday I was browsing a home store and I just had this overwhelming feeling to go home and clear STUFF out of my house!  I’ve recently done my closet and it feels great!  I planned to start with the playroom closet.  A neighbor is collecting books for the Children’s Home Society so I started with that.  Turns out I am a book hoarder.

I just love books; they are life-changing.  Probably more so than ordering the groceries:)

When I see each book, I remember the experience of it.  Did we pick it out and buy it or was it gifted to us?  Did we read it to little ones a million times or did we read it together before bed when the kids were older?  Did we laugh or did we get teary?  Did we like it or did we LOVE it?  I did occasionally take photos of favorite books or books we were reading and I’d like to continue doing that.


Going through all of these emotions was bittersweet.  Time is moving along.  We are all growing.  There is so much to look forward to but there are some really sweet times in the past.  In the end, I made sure to keep the really loved ones and any that I consider classics- like Amelia Bedelia.  And just forget it if anyone wrote in the front- it’s ours forever!

In the end I was able to bag a LOT of books and it feels really good to have them out and on their way to hopefully touch someone else.  Now we have space on our book shelves for some future reads!


The current state of the playroom.  I see the treadmill which we all use most days.  Davis and Adam use it daily.  They walk on an incline.  Mary Fowler just wrapped up 4 days of dance per week so she either runs on the treadmill or puts on a video.  I hate the treadmill so I choose tennis, talking a walk outside, or a Pilates or Yoga video.

Do you think we have enough nerf guns?  Davis and his friends are still loving nerf wars.   They enjoy making funny videos with special effects, too.


This closet could kill someone!  It took several hours but I was able to empty it out, sort piles: trash (2 big bags), my sister’s 2 boys (4 bags), and complete sets for donating (12 bags).


And again I found myself feeling some emotions… The wooden Thomas trains and track were such a big part of our lives years ago.

I found a pad and pencil set that we used to give Mary Fowler whenever we’d go out to dinner.  And as I flipped through the pages, I found this and almost started crying!


It is so true that the more you simplify, the more you find… that you forgot you had.  I might have to frame this handwritten note from MFS when she was much younger!

Bags of donations:



Much better…

Some days I keep up with laundry.  Most days I let it pile up until we can hardly close the door to hide the mess.  Mondays are a great day to do laundry.




Most days this guy likes to be dropped off at home before we pick up his sister.  He likes to get all homework done and treadmill time out of the way before relaxing down time.

Currently, he knows he needs a haircut but doesn’t really feel like taking the time to do it.  I see his tennis shoes that we bought at the beginning of 5th grade and it really is time for some new ones.  But Davis doesn’t really care about clothes or shoes all that much.  I like that about him.  Ironically, he would be in favor of a new family TV upgrade?


Currently, he loves playing Star Wars Battlefront with friends from school on the PS4.


While I was waiting for the lady to pick up the bags of books, I started cleaning the windows.  They need it badly.  I took this picture by setting my camera’s 10 second timer and placed it on a cutting board on the kitchen island.  I love that this photo project forces me to get to know my camera better.

Most days MFS enjoys reading on the Eno while Davis seems to prefer the top of the woodbox 🙂  He loves the Star Wars Jedi Academy series.


This time I had a helper come with me to pick up the groceries.  She wanted to switch shampoo/conditioner from her usual Suave Rosemary Mint.  She picked Tresemme, a clean scent.


When I was in middle school, I specifically remember the scents.  Some kids were starting to wear perfume or cologne or scented lotions.  I remember one of my friends smelling so good!  I wanted to smell like that!  Turns out it was soap- Dial or Ivory or Dove soap 🙂  Simple, clean smells are my favorite!  Although I also loved the perfume my aunt Jean wore- I think it was Georgio?  It smelled sophisticated to me and I wanted to be sophisticated.


7:47pm Putting the groceries away.

Adam called from Denver.  He was able to meet up with his cousins for dinner at Scott’s house and they had a great visit!

8:55pm Both kids in bed.

When my dad would travel, my sisters and I would take turns sleeping with mom.  My kids definitely don’t fight over that “privilege” 🙂  But in the end, sweet Davis took pity on me.

11pm Goodnight Monday.